Leading manufacturer & exporter of Reclaim Rubber in India

At Sapphire Reclaim Rubber Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture and supply Butyl Reclaim Rubber in the name of our brand SAPPHIRE. Our manufacturing plant in Rajkot, Gujarat, India is known for its environment-friendly production of Butyl Reclaimed Rubber. Our products can be relied upon for use in a variety of verticals like automobile tubes, tyre inner liners, hoses, sound dampers, adhesives, and a wide range of rubber-moulded goods.


  • Butyl Inner Tubes
  • Tyre Inner Liner
  • Adhesives, Cables
  • Hoses, Black Colored Rubber Products


Butyl rubber based automotive tubes

Production Process

The Butyl scrap is collected from a network of approved suppliers and is further segregated to ensure only the Butyl material is taken for reclaiming. The entire process is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the scrap is passed through a number of stages to ensure that it is free of contaminants.

In second phase the material is depolymerized and filtered with screens from 60 to 100 Mesh for metal impurities through straining and then further refined for crushing the rubber granules by the means of refining process with high quality rubber refiners to get the original depolymerized Natural reclaim rubber at the end.

Butyl Tube Reclaim - Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Acetone Extract % ASTM D297-18 9 ± 3
Ashes % ASTM D297-18 4 ± 2
Carbon Black % ASTM E 1131 28 min
Polymer Content % ASTM E 1131 50 min
Specific Gravity gm/cc ASTM D297-18 1.11 ± 0.03
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 57 ±  5
Tensile Strength kg/cm2 ASTM D412 75 min
Elongation at Brake % ASTM D412 480 min
Mooney Viscosity ML (1+4)@100C ASTM D1646 40 ± 10
30min @160C  
Reclaim (R.H.C.) 100 phr.
ZnO 5 phr.
TMTD 1 phr.
Sulphur 2 phr.
MBT 0.5 phr.